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Akihiro Sato sends most of his earnings to his family in Brazil

Akihiro Sato sends most of his earnings to his family in Brazil

Rommel Gonzales

Dalawang taon na ang Brazilian-Japanese model na si Akihiro Sato sa Pilipinas, at may kinapupuntahan naman daw ang kanyang kinikita bilang modelo at artista dito sa ating bansa.

"I have a new house in Brazil, and also a new car in Brazil," banggit ni Akihiro sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent interview.

Ayon pa sa model-actor, nagpapadala rin siya ng pera sa kanyang pamilya sa Brazil.

"Yes, I want to give to my family, so I give most of my salary to my family."

Nagtitira naman daw siyempre si Akihiro ng para sa kanyang sariling pangangailangan.

"Of course, I think about myself here in the Philippines, so not all my salary. I need to survive here in the Philippines."

Blessing daw ang magandang career niya sa Pilipinas.

"Being here in the Philippines is already my gift, so I'm enjoying it. Being in the showbiz is already enough for me."

Ito ang dahilan kaya mas pinili niyang mag-concentrate bilang modelo at artista dito kesa sa Thailand, kung saan nagmo-model din siya.

"Both countries are very nice, but I'm enjoying here right now. I'm giving Philippines all my best," aniya.

Nagpapasalamat din daw si Akihiro sa magandang pagtanggap sa kanya ng mga Pilipino.

"You guys give me all I have. I feel that here is the place I belong also, and I really love to stay."

Pero wala naman daw sa plano niya na maging isang Filipino citizen. Hindi raw sa ayaw niya, kundi dahil hindi pupuwede.

"I cannot have a Filipino passport. That's kind of complicated, but I have a work permit and ID," paliwanag niya.

WOMEN & GAYS. Napag-usapan din namin ni Akihiro sina Rufa Mae Quinto at Rhian Ramos na na-link sa kanya before, at si Marian Rivera na nasa listahan ng prettiest actresses in showbiz ni Aikihiro.

"Rufa Mae is close to me, we know each other. We worked for two shows. We know each other, really good friends. Si Rhian? We went to Iloilo, she was promoting Stairway [to Heaven] and me, Moshi, Moshi I Love You before. I met her there. Marian, we worked in Darna, and she is really beautiful!" saad ni Akihiro.

Nagtaka raw si Akihiro kung bakit napabalitang niligawan niya si Rhian.

"I didn't make ligaw to her, I don't see her now," sabi niya. "Rufa Mae, we're textmates. But not right now because I just arrived and we didn't have time. But we are friends, me and Rufa. All of them, we are just good friends. All of them, they are beautiful and I respect all of them."

Sino sa palagay niya ang pinakamagnada?

"I don't know which one is more beautiful. I think all of them!" natatawa niyang sabi.

Nasangkot na rin sa gay-related issues ang pangalan ni Akihiro, at inamin naman niyang nakatanggap na siya ng mga pabulosang indecent proposals mula sa mga bading sa Thailand at maging dito sa Pilipinas.

Akihiro Sato admits admiration for Iza Calzado

Akihiro Sato admits admiration for Iza Calzado

March 6, 2010, 6:24pm

Japanese-Brazilian model-turned-actor Akihiro Sato admits having a big crush on actress Iza Calzado.

“I like Iza Calzado. I’ve met her sa GMA-7. She’s really nice and friendly, sobrang bait. I hope I can work with Iza,” Akihiro confessed during a pocket interview recently organized by Mercator Model and Artist Management for its three models, namely Akihiro, Fabio Ide, and Daniel Matsunaga.

On his list, Iza tops his most beautiful actresses.

Previously, Akihiro was romantically linked with Rhian Ramos. “We had a show in Iloilo. She was promoting ‘Stairway To Heaven.’ I met her there. We’re just friends,” the hunky model clarified.

A veritable newbie in show business, Akihiro was utterly surprised when he was asked to have a kissing scene with Jolina Magdangal in his first shooting day in “Panday Kids.”

“We had just one day shoot. It was very nice. Sobrang mabait siya. She helped me a lot. Sobrang mabait. She’s very professional. We have a kissing scene. Saglit lang. Okay lang,” he said.

The latest showbiz recruit claimed that the onscreen kiss was all there was to it. “When we have this kind of scene, we don’t think about bad intentions.”

Previously, Akihiro also had a kissing scene with star Rufa Mae Quinto in a one Obra episode. So, who is the better kisser, Jolina or Rufa Mae?

Playing safe, Akihiro retorted, “Dalawa sila.” But he admits, “I feel more comfortable with Rufa. I was a big fan of her. I watch her movies.”

This poster boy nearly chartered a showbiz career in Thailand where he was an in-demand model. But he preferred to work here.

“The first time I went here, I was offered to guest in showbiz in Thailand. And then I ask them for one week or one month to decide what I want. So I went here and I started to work here. So, why not stay here. You guys speak very good English. In Thailand, they just speak their language. So I decided to stay. It’s fun learning Tagalog. I decided to stay here in the Philippines,” he said.

Then, he straightened up rumors that he left a gay photogrpaher lover in the Land of Siam.

“The photographer is my very good friend, close friend. I have a lot of friends there because I was there for more than three years so I know a lot of people there. I was kinda surprise with the rumors,” he explained.

Rumor has it that Akihiro posed almost in the buff together with the gay photographer. The photo, which had made the rounds in cyberspace, had people speculating that they were lovers.

Akihiro did a lot of explaining.

“If you see the picture, it looks like a gay magazine. But in Thailand, it’s different, the marketing is different. It’s about the celebration of the photographer, the best photographer in Thailand. I think he was celebrating 25 years.

"I did the shoot because I was in Thailand. When I am in Thailand, I want to meet my friends. At the same time, he asked me to do the shoot. Of course, why not? Actually, I’m not doing that kind of shoot wearing [just] underwear. I did it because my friend asked me to do it. It’s really special for me.”

In the weeks to come, Akihiro will be launched as one of the latest Belo model. Is he ready to be linked to the famous beauty expert?

“I don’t know. No, no because she is Dra. Vicki Belo, she’s very professional. I talked to Crystalle, her daughter. I’ve met her (Vicki).”

When it comes to matters of the heart, the hunky model says age really doesn’t matter as long as he loves the girl.

“I don’t care about age, heart is more important. When you feel it siyempre, it doesn’t matter if she’s old,” he enthused.

But he does not see himself getting involved with the controversial beauty doctor.

“I think not, we cannot because she’s already taken. I’m not here to be part of her life. I’m here for work. I don’t need money. I’m here for work.”

Model-actor Akihiro Sato: "I feel insulted with indecent proposals."

Model-actor Akihiro Sato: "I feel insulted with indecent proposals."

Nitz Miralles

"I miss you guys!" ang sabi niya sa amin with matching beso. Two months siyang nagbakasyon sa Brazil at nag-enjoy daw siya nang husto.

"While in Brazil, I helped my dad in our restaurant. I was the manager for two months of the resto owned by my dad and sister. It's called Taitiro resto, it's a small resto with 26 tables only, but it's not a Japanese resto," kuwento ni Akihiro.

Alam ng pamilya niya na aktor siya rito, at bibisitahin daw siya ng dad at sister niya sa July or August. Makikita na rin nila "what's going on with my life here. They see me on Internet, they watch GMA-7 and they're all happy with my work here."

NOT INSECURE. Tinawanan lang ni Akihiro ang tanong kung hindi ba siya nai-insecure na sumisikat na rin ang kapwa niya Japanese-Brazilian hunks na sina Daniel Matsunaga at Fabio Ide at baka malagpasan pa ang popularity niya.

"There's no insecurity between us. I asked them to come here because I believe the market here is big. And Fabio and Daniel are better-looking than me!"

How does it feel to be considered the number one Japanese-Brazilian model in the Philippines?

"I don't think I'm the number one. There are a lot of good people. I don't know, hindi ko alam 'yan. Masaya na ako and thankful that Filipinos like you accept me... accept us. I'm thankful and happy," wika ni Akihiro.

Lalo pang sumaya si Akihiro dahil sa pagbalik niya, may trabaho kaagad siya sa Panday Kids. Isang ibon ang role niya rito at tuwang-tuwa niyang kinuwento na, "I'm naked in my first scene and they let me wear trunks."

Akihiro is paired with Jolina Magdangal and he finds her very nice and cute. Ang liit daw ng singer-actress at tumawa na naman siya.

"May kissing scene kami ni Jolina, lips to lips, it was take-one only. You have to watch it. I'm happy to be part of Panday Kids, this is my first regular show. Hindi masyadong mahirap, my lines are Taglish," patuloy ni Akihiro.

NO GAY BENEFACTOR. Tinawanan din ni Akihiro ang isyung may gay benefactor siya sa Thailand. Ang litrato nilang dalawa ay ipinakita sa Showbiz Central kamakailan. Pero good friends lang daw sila ng photographer at tumulong ito sa career niya sa Thailand.

May tsismis pa na gay siya.

"I'm not gay! I love women and I respect gays. Ayaw ko ng gay relationship. It's not what I want, friends lang."

Nakatanggap na ba siya ng indecent proposal from gays?

"Yes! Marami na, but I told them I don't need your money. I can always work to have money. I feel insulted with indecent proposals."

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Akihiro Sato clarifies rumors linking him to a Thai gay photographer

Akihiro Sato is still relatively new to showbusiness, but the 23-year-old international model turned actor is already getting more intrigues attached to his name.

A segment on Showbiz Central yesterday, February 28, showed the Japanese-Brazilian model in a photo shoot with a well-known gay photographer in Thailand. In the said photo shoot, a half-naked Akiro was beside the full-dressed photographer whose right hand was wrapped around the model’s body. Akihiro’s hands, on the other hand, were clasped around the photographers nape.

The photos sparked off a chain of rumors insinuating that the handsome model is in a supposed relationship with another man.

SC was able to get Akihiro’s comment to the rumor and the Panday Kids mainstay just laughed it off.

“He is really like my family, my papa [dad] in Thailand,” explained Akihiro about the gay photographer. “When I start my career in Brazil, I flew to Thailand and he is the one who took all my shots and he did all my material to start off my modeling. He supposed to start my career in TV in Bangkok, but I choose Philippines.”

Akihiro proceeded to accept the fact that celebrities do get gay issues attached to them. He said: “Wherever you go and wherever you are, people are talking about you. So, personal life is this and I have my personal life. I know what I do and I’m not gay. I have a lot of gay friends and I don’t have a problem with anyone.”

The single Akihiro was also quick to say that he is in no rush to enter a relationship soon.

“I don’t have time and I just got here!” he laughed. “But you never know. I am focusing my business and work. Maybe, I don’t know.”

DETAINED IN THAILAND. Aside from the gay rumor, Akihiro also explained about his detention in Thailand’s airport for almost half a day.

“I forgot my immigration IDs,” said Akihiro. “So, I have to show them my ID. I called my manager [Jonas Gaffud of Mercator Model and Talent Management] and they fixed everything. I almost lost flight to get back here. Everything is fine!”

Akihiro is paired with Jolina Magdangal in GMA-7’s Panday Kids.

Below are the controversial photos. It was actually a supplemental cover of Volume Magazine, a leading fashion magazine in Thailand, celebrating Thai photographer Amat Nimitpark's 25 years in fashion.

What people don't know, Amat is a respected fashion photographer and fashion editor in Thailand. Last October, he held an exhibit called Naked Faces (a photo exhibit of Thai celebrities without make-up and digital retouch) that coincided with his silver anniversary.

It's not only Akihiro Sato who has a "hugging" picture with Amat Nimitpark, Thai teen superstar/commercial model and CineManila Best Actor Mario Maurer (Love of Siam) has one was well. See below pic.

Other pictures included in the magazine: Thai superstars, celebrities and socialites

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